A Perch On Our Porch

The sun is finally shining consistently here in NorCal and I am giddy.  I feel like every moment should be spent outside soaking up the rays and getting our vitamin D.

Because of the return of the sun and realization that the solar panels that heat our pool aren't working so well ~ our family ventured out doors and up on the roof to replace the panels.  I nervously supervised from the patio reminding the hubs and the kids when they were "Too close to the edge", and to "slow down Please!"
{More on this soon}

Anyway, to ease my nerves, and give them a break, I went to the other side of the house and cleaned up our front porch.  It's not too different ~ just a couple little tweaks.

Before ~

It was fine.  A little neglected due to weather....see the rain boots?

After ~

I washed everything, changed placement slightly and added some pillows.  
I'm on the hunt for a small table and some flowering plants.

Looks like a nice place to perch.


PS ~ my house is black.  You can read about that here