My Risk ~ A Black House

I was visiting the nesting place today and she has been talking about taking risks with decor.  I thought about my house and didn't think we had really taken any risks.  We live in a mid century California ranch and we've made some modifications to it since we bought it in '07...none of those changes seem particularly risky though.  Then it hit me.  



Not dark grey, not deep brown, not navy blue....but black.  That's pretty risky right?  You don't see a black house very often.  I think it was a risk worth taking and love the way it turned out.

The house has a brick border all the way around which helps to break up the black

We used galvanized exterior lights ~ They're ranch-y and stand out against the dark color

Although it's difficult to tell, the front door is an apple green (called Napa Valley Green ironically) and helps to brighten things up

The porch chairs are also Napa Valley Green
{Believe it or not, choosing the white for the trim and eves was the most difficult decision. 
I wanted it to be warm, but not too yellow and there are just so many whites!}

A view of most of the front of the house.  It's a rambler and difficult to fit the entire length in the frame.

It's a happy and cheerful home despite the ominous color.  I think it makes something classic sort of edgy and I really like the way the mossy green landscape looks with the black during the summer time when the sun's out...which is hard to tell from this gloomy, grey weather.



  1. The black is beautiful and I love the green color on the chairs and door!

  2. Love the black. And you are right, you don't see many but it looks so good! Found your link from Nester-so glad I checked it out:) I love ranch home redo's!

  3. I don't think i've ever seen a black house. But i'm lovin its classy appeal. Reminds me of what a black door does for lighter colored homes. Really love the apple green accents too. Great risk!

  4. the black and green together are beautiful.