It's been a busy month.  Our youngest graduated from elementary school and there were so many activities associated with the end of 5th grade.  It's left me little time to post on my blog, or even read all my favorites!!

Here's a little glimpse of what we've been up to over the last week...

This handsome fella finished his first year of high school 
and we celebrated by lunching with friends.

And our youngest created and presented his final project for Renzulli, 
which is a program at his school for accelerated learners.

He received an academic award from the President 
and a medal for 'Graduating' from elementary school.

The child of each family who was leaving the school for good was recognized when their student gave them a yellow rose...I stole a kiss too :-)

There was some huggin' and lovin' from a fabulous teacher we didn't want to say goodbye to.

We went on a field trip to the ballpark and watched the Giants play the Nationals.

We got to see our favorite players on our favorite team.  
This is Cody Ross chewing gum in Right Field

We were fearing the beard as he warmed up...

But Brian Wilson never went into the game.

And we WON!!!! Giants 3, Nationals 1

It was a great day for the Black & Orange!! 
{Even if it was a bit windy and my hair ribbon was standing up}

Now I'm off to plan our summer vacation ~ we're thinking of a road trip with friends to Carmel, Yosemite and Santa Barbara.  
We're shortening our trip because our oldest son decided to retake the 2nd semester of math to try and raise his grade.  It's worth it...


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