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It's Friday again and I had such a fun time linking up to Life Rearranged last week that I thought I'd do it again.  Plus, I love posting to Instagram so it's a win win!!

Some of our closest friends came to town on their way home from a business trip.  They were only here for one night, but we managed to eat as if they were here for a week!!

First we had lunch.  A burger and fries at our favorite place,
Gott's in downtown Napa.

After lunch we went next door to Oxbow for cookies and coffee where we
chatted about kids and life and marriage and work ~ 
all the major subjects.

After lunch, husbands and wives separated for a bit.  
I think they bought a ShopVac while we sipped wine.  So much better being us!

Latter that night we went to dinner.

The hubs ordered a salad...

I ordered steak and potatoes.  
Should I be embarrassed that waiters often confuse our meals??

We all woke up VERY early {5:30a} to head down to the Alameda Flea Market.
Several months ago when I visited their website it noted the flea happens
"Rain or Shine", so even though the weather was iffy at best, 
we headed out on the 45 minute drive.
Only to find a BIG HUGE sign saying the flea had been postponed due to weather.
I felt bad ~ the hostess should have checked the site the night before...

It was particularly frustrating because the rain never came...

We ended up at Omega Salvage and I stumbled upon this bike.
Not very useful, but sort of cool ~

Our littlest guy graduated from elementary school this week.
It was exciting, and sad at the same time.

I shed some tears that day ~ the hubs teared up too, shhhh.

I think even Lola Dog was a little nostalgic

We rounded out the week with a Giants game at AT&T Park.

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Happy Photos ~

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  1. Delish burger, beautiful bike, and cute dog!