An Anniversary

Just over a year ago my grandmother passed away.  
We had known for nearly two weeks that the end was near and had held vigil at her bedside 24 hours a day.  We sang songs with her, listened to opera, watched baseball, we talked to her and shared memories with her.  There were countless kisses and hugs given to her.  
We said I love you as often as possible.  My mother even prayed the Rosary for her every day -- I had never seen my mother pray before those two weeks.  And even though my grandmother's room was full more than it was empty during those days, she left us while only my mom and dad were with her.  

You think you're ready when you're given time to process the inevitable.  
I read {although reluctantly} the pamphlet given to our family by hospice.  
I had had my time alone with my grams and said goodbye to her every time I left her side.  
I had forgiven her of the ugliness we had in our past and I asked her to forgive me.  
Thanked her for the love and devotion she had given to me over my lifetime.  
The care she gave me when nobody else could.  
But what I learned when I answered my phone and heard the news of her passing, 
was that no amount of preparation will alleviate or minimize the heartbreak that comes from the loss of a loved one.

Sunday marked one year.  
It was a difficult day for me, and if I'm being honest, it had been a hard 
2 weeks leading up to the anniversary.  
I miss her so much, I think of her every day and my heart aches, still, in a way I've never known.



House of fifty

I'm sure you all have heard that the 2nd issue of the House of Fifty e-zine is live.  
I have just scanned through the first few pages
{do you do that? Scan first and read second when you get a magazine?} 
anyway, I had to take a break to share how fabulous it is. 
You must go here and look at the prettiness


I've been neglecting my blog

I feel so badly about not paying enough attention to my little blog ~ and my few followers.  It's been a little hectic at our house lately, and it doesn't seem like the end is anywhere near.  So, I wanted to pop in and give a quick update about my 
life over the last couple of weeks..

During my last post I talked about the possibility I might have a chance at getting a bib for the ever popular Nike Women's {half} Marathon.....Well, I got in!  
I'm not sure if that exclamation point represents fear or excitment.  
Either way, I have very little time to prep for 13.1 miles and I still have not started.  
I hate me

Our numero uno son {as in first born, not favorite} is playing his 2nd year of high school football {which I LOVE}.  And this year we're hosting the team/family 
dinner at our house ~ tomorrow.  And that means we've spent a 
considerable amount of time fluffing and sprucing things up around our house.  
You know how a party forces you to get your act together!  
I think we're pretty well set....if the dog gone rental company would show up already!!

On Sunday, we are leaving for our summer vacation.  Nothing big and fancy this year, but we are all looking forward to it.  Everybody say it with me "ROAD TRIP!!!"

We are headed down the California Coast and spending time in Santa Barbara, 
San Luis Obispo and Carmel.  We're traveling with dear friends and their kids, 
and we always have a great time together.  
This will be no exception. 

When we get home both kids will have 2 separate orientations on 2 different days, school shopping, football practice, and making time to visit the fair 
before the kids head back to school on 8/17.  
Can you believe it?!?  
It's here....the start of school....just. like. that.

I promise to recap the party, our trip and my {half} marathon training as soon as I can.  

In the mean time, I hope you'll be enjoying the last dog days of Summer 
like I know we will be.

Love and hugs,