Well Dang It

My youngest has a birthday tomorrow.  
I'm a slacker and have nothing planned.  
Well, not "nothing", just not a friend party.  

Here's the deal....my little guy and I talked about his friend party several weeks ago and decided on a movie date to see Cars 2. 

Then back to our house where we would do cake and presents.  
And he could have a few buddies sleep over.  


He must have mentioned it to a "friend" at school because the next day he came home explaining that he didn't like that plan anymore and that Cars 2 is a "baby movie". 


The last several years we've done pool parties at our house.  
They're great ~ he has fun.  
His buddies have fun.  
But, I thought it would be nice to change things up a bit.  
Well, after the "baby movie" fiasco conversation I sorta, kinda let party planning fall apart.  
Which brings me to the real problem...

I'm a loser Mother who should have her 
mothering license revoked!  
{Lucky for me they let any old boob have a baby so there's no chance of losing my license.}

What kind of mother lets her child go friend-birthday-party-less?!?

Tomorrow we will go to a movie with his older brother.  Have the lunch of his choice and a special dinner with cake and ice cream.  
Hoping this will tide him over 'til I can get that friend birthday party going.

In the mean time, I'll be online searching for boy party inspiration for the tricky "I'm not a baby" but "You're not a teenager either" age.

Wish me luck....


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