InstaGram Lovin'

A while back my dear friend Holly told me about the Instagram App for our iPhones.  
It was free so I downloaded it but I didn't think about it much more.

Then a couple weeks ago I saw a link to an Instagram photo pop up on my Twitter newsfeed.  It reminded me of that app I hadn't ever used and I liked the look of the image so I decided to play around with the it and see what all the fuss was about.

Turns out ~ it's super FUN! I love how you can change the entire feeling of an image just by picking a new "filter" for it. And you can follow people and they can follow you.  
It's like a marriage between photos and social networking.  
It's Phocial Networking!

Well ~ today when I was reading one of my favorite blogs she referred to this blog and when I clicked over for a visit, I learned about Insta-Fridays at Life Rearranged.  
It was like Insta-fate!
I thought ~ I have a bunch of Instagram photos from this week and I'd like to play along...

This is my week in snap shots.

The weather has been so bad and Tuesday the clouds were breaking
This is an image taken over the Oakland Hills while we were running
our bay area errands

This is a shot from the other side of the Caldecott Tunnel.
I couldn't get enough of how gorgeous the sky was

That night I got sick...a bad flu-y coldish thing.  No Bueno
Because I stayed in bed as much as possible my hair turned into a giant rats nest.
My curly hair had doubled in size and taken on a life of it's own 
it was scarrrryy ~

This is one of the vineyards by our house.
Still bad weather here in Northern California, but at least the sky
is helping to keep things somewhat interesting.
{I'd still take some sunshine over this cold cloudy ickiness}

So you play along too ~ find me on Instagram at csedwards. 
Follow me and I'll follow you right back!

Happy Weekend!

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