A Girls Weekend

I'm so excited about this weekend.  
I'm meeting one of my oldest dearest friends for a long weekend.  
We've both been having a stressful year {for totally different reasons} and feel like it's time to get away from our husbands, kids and reality for a couple of days.
Not that we don't love our reality, but sometimes you need a break.
You understand...

Last year we went to Cabo San Lucas for a week.

{Me & Shawn just off the plane}

It was divine. 

{Look at the water.  The color is so beautiful, it's unreal!}

Absolute Heaven.

But this year is a bit different.  Our trip is more last minute and we both have limited time with kids and businesses and homes and husbands and. and. and.....

So we're meeting half way between our cities in San Luis Obispo.  
As it turns out, this is where we met in high school when we were 16 {last year} 
and two other old dear friends still live in the area.  

Do we say "Best Friend" after age 16?  
If so, then I am going to spend the weekend with some of my best friends.  
We've shared memories, laughs, cries, boyfriends, apartments, CLOTHES!  
We've been through graduations, weddings, babies, divorces, heartaches and happiness.  We've fought and made up, and know each others dreams, fears and insecurities.  
We're family and I love them very much.

No Cabo this year, but our 2 will be 4 {at least some of the weekend} 
and that almost makes up for the venue change. 
{I urge you to again look at the water!}

Can't wait to share some of our stories when I return.


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