What a Random and Fabulous Week

Our younger son is on Spring Break this week and that means he doesn't have to get up early with the rest of us so I've found him like this...
...every morning this week.  I want to wake him up, but his little face is too sweet for it.

Two nights ago the cutie above was getting the mail and came running in to tell us he saw an owl.  It went something like ~
"MOM! Come outside and see this! I found an Owl!"  
"MOOOOMMMM!  Hurry!  I said I found AN OWL!!"
Sure enough, there was an owl perched on the tippy top of a tree in our neighbors yard.

It was getting dark, so there isn't much detail, but you can tell...
See him? The tiny spec right in the center

He was noisy, but entertaining to us.  
The hubs would hoot and then the owl would hoot in response.  
I had to come inside, I felt uncomfortable watching my hubs flirt with a bird.

Yesterday was to die for beautiful here in my neck of the woods.  It was sunny, and warm {88} and I had on shorts...even though my legs are ghostly white.

Because we woke up to clear skies {no fog, low clouds or rain...just sun} the hot air balloons were flying.  They're up every clear morning ~ but it's been rainy and cloudy for so long I had almost forgotten what they look like!

These 2 were flying over the vineyard across the street from our house.

This 1 is crossing our street, headed right for our house

Here it is flying over our yard

On to our neighbors house now

I just love the balloons ~ we count them on our way to school in the mornings.  The record number we've seen is 13 and it's been in place for a couple years.  Maybe it will be broken this year.

In other random musings, we've had a bee hive in the trunk of an old walnut tree right next to our house since we've lived here.  
It's always fascinating to watch the bees busily fly in and out of their home working so diligently to pollinate for us.

Well, this morning as I was walking by the tree, after my spontaneous photo shoot with the balloons ~ I noticed something I hadn't seen in our little bee tree before.

The bees are spilling out of the tree

It's a bee beard!!  

I was a little scared as I took these pictures.  Luckily no Carrie was harmed during production. Phew!


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  1. You're braver than me!! Bees Yikes!! Nice post!