Have you ever felt pride from a friends successes?  I hope I'm not the only one, but when a close friend of mine reaches some milestone, personally or professionally, I feel a sense of pride.  Like, "Hey!  Look at her!  She is fabulous and I know her!!"  I often hear people talking about the exact opposite in their 'friends'; people who act as if their happy for your success but really wish you ill.  We all know the type...  I figure if that's the case, they aren't really a true friend and at some point in our lives we have to eliminate all things untrue, including friends, and just be real.

I started thinking about this today when I read a tweet from a dear friend of mine who is a successful jewelry designer.  She started a few years ago selling her hand made items on eBay and over time that small business has blossomed into a beautiful shop, Haute Bride, in San Francisco and nationwide recognition.  She has even had some of her incredible pieces worn by celebrities on the red carpet!  Well, today she posted on Twitter that she is expanding her design studio and hiring more busy hands to help make her bling!  I am so happy for her hard earned success, but particularly during a time when what we seem to hear most about is economic difficulty.

Lindsie gave me this piece for my birthday last week  

I found myself filled with pride -- even though I have no connection to her business, except through our friendship.  Maybe I'm just happy to know somebody who is "making it work".

Visit my friend Lindsie at her sites here and here. And be sure to keep up with all things new and fabulous in the wedding world by following her on Twitter @hautebride.

Love and Hugs,

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  1. It is nice to hear others' successes, it keeps you knowing that dreams do come true!! Congrats on your blog and your black house is beautiful! I am a new blogger too! homepreferred.blogspot.com