I Am Addicted

My name is Carrie and I am an addict.  
Some of you may share my addiction.  
It seems to be common, especially among women.

This photo was taken while we were at lunch together at our favorite deli

Trumpets sound and angels sing ~ There she is.  

Madame DIET COKE!!

I prefer it served cold, right outta the icy can.  No plastic bottles for me!  {They don't keep it cold enough} I'll settle for my DC from a soda fountain with ice and a straw, but not usually from a convenience store.  Those convenience store fountains aren't cleaned regularly and can taste icky.  Usually restaurant soda fountains taste fine -- the best is when a restaurant surprises you by serving your supreme soda beverage in a petite, glass bottle {you know the kind, short and fat with a little white, plastic twist top} and a tall glass of ice.  It's rare, I know, but such a treat when it happens.

Because I know I'm an addict, I try to limit my consumption of this bubbly delicious-ness to one, OK, two cans per day.  Sometimes when I'm feeling particularly stressed, or tired, or indulgent, I up the daily intake a smidge.  
But I try to keep it a secret -- which proves the addiction.


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