A Field Trip!

Today was the first day of Spring Break for our younger son.  We have 2 kids in 2 different schools and they don't have the same vacation schedule.  So....it means we're not going anywhere for spring break this year.  Neither spring break.  But we did go on a little field trip this morning.  We went shopping for {drum roll please} ......


I was thoroughly excited about this little journey because I have an unnatural love for marble {particularly honed, Carrera, 3cm}.  Our son, however, did not share my enthusiasm as noted by his pouty face and the fact that he chose to sit in the 3rd row even though the 2nd row was empty and he was the only backseat passenger.

Once we arrived at the first wholesaler our little guy returned to his usual happy helper self.  {Thankfully}

I think wandering through rows and rows of gigantic polished rocks helped him on his journey back to happy guy.  Every boy loves rocks, right?

And this place had a LOT of shiny rocks.  My little helper and I snaked through the tidily kept rows running our fingers over the impressive creations of Mother Nature.

Totally amazing {Although I don't want it in my house :)}

It's difficult to tell, but what looks blue in this image is actually a bright violet.  I'm sure some people love it, but I'm more of a simple, traditionalist when it comes to extraordinarily expensive, semi-permanent home decisions.  
{Even though I did paint my house black}

Our 'third wheel' couldn't help but be fascinated by the way the slabs are moved around...

At this facility they used a forklift with a special attachment.  There was 1 guy operating the lift and 2 guys helping to guide the slab.

The next place used special cranes that were on tracks throughout the warehouse.  The crane was remotely operated using that little control pad resting on his hip in this image.  More efficient yes, but nobody was helping him guide those heavy slabs! Yikes-a-roo!!!

As it turns out, our First Day of Spring Break Field Trip was a success ~

We found a slab that matched our client's needs perfectly!

{Love the organization}

I got to drool over my love....

And this Cute-Puh-Toot smiled and even had a little fun.


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  1. Hi Carrie!
    I do love Carrera marble too!! It is definitely an item I dream of for my future kitchen.....white subway tiles too! SWOON! So happy to be your first follower, your blog is wonderful. Love the pictures, I added you to my blog roll also, good luck blogging and God bless! Your new blogging friend...Noelle