School Auctions

We went to the auction for our younger son's elementary school on Saturday night.  It's always a fun event and we have a great time with our dear friends...There's always dancing after the auction and dinner are over but this was the first time we stayed for the dancing.  Based on these pictures, we should probably go back to skipping it in the future!

I'm uncertain what this move is...but my husband looks worried about me.

 Uh...it appears as if he's pointing at me in this picture as if to say "do you see this?"

And of course there is the obligatory hands up move.  Can't hit the dance floor without the hands up move.

PS -- that's our table in the foreground of this image....notice the wine in view with so little of the table actually showing.  This could explain the freedom of expression through dance that occurred that night.

PPS -- there are other photos which will remain private, they're that good, or bad, depending on your perspective.

**On another note ~ I'm summoning the courage to begin a project I'd like to share.  It involves fabric and furniture and I'm scared. I'm hoping that posting it here will be like bullying myself into doing it.  Stay tuned for that...


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