So Happy I did this...

Recently I headed out to our yard with my camera.  It was such a pretty day and the trees were blooming.  I heard on the weather that a cold spell was coming and that we could expect snow.  SNOW!!!!  I live in Napa Valley people - snow just doesn't happen here.

{Side note ~ I am obsessed with the weather report.  I can't explain it, I have NO explanation, but I am completely and totally UHB-sessed.  I stay up late to watch the 11 o'clock report even though I watched the 10 o'clock which I watched after I saw the 5 o'clock report.  You should also know that I critique the 'weather man'.  I know the official title is meteorologist, but I prefer weather man or weather girl. And he or she better get the forecast right or I will for sure be bad mouthing him/her all day long!}

So, because I knew, from watching my weather reports, that freezing temps were on their way I thought I better take some pictures of the blossoms that come only once a year just in case the freeze killed 'em dead.

Tulip Tree {that's what we call them}

The bright pink fades to white too quickly ~ but I love these trees anyway

Euphorbia rolling out it's blossoms. I love the deep red tone of this variety

More Euphorbia, with a brighter, more chartreuse flower

Plum blossoms

Little known fact, but Napa Valley originally grew plums and some were dried into prunes.  Not nearly as glamorous {or lucrative} as wine grapes but the history has left us with volunteer plum trees around the valley.  Their fruit is small and sweet and fun to eat in the summer time...if we can manage to get them before the birds!

Last but certainly not least are these sweet tulips popping up in our yard right in front of our kitchen window.  The hubs secretly planted them in the fall as a surprise to me.  They're my favorite flower, and he's my favorite guy.  love

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