Fourth of July

I know. I know.  The fourth passed a LOOONNNGGG time ago, 
but I haven't posted since before that and so you're stuck with my 
red white and blue that's long overdue.  

For the previous two years we've been gone on the Fourth of July.  
It seems our  family vacation was scheduled to begin in early July which meant 
that we have been out of town.  This year we had planned to be away, but our older son decided not to do his best in math class thus requiring him to remediate during the summer....early July.  
All wouldn't be lost though, as we decided to shorten our trip from 1 week to 4 days and he would just have to miss one day of summer school.  
Well....then we were fortunate enough to begin a relationship with a new client who was planning her first arrival with us for July 1.  
That was that.  
Our vacay was officially postponed until August.

We found ourselves home for the holiday without any plans.  
While explaining this to my dear friend who lives on the Central Coast 
she suggested she and her family come to visit for the weekend.  
Great Idea!  

While they were here we got up early and headed to the flea market.  
Our friends had never been {we planned to take them there during their last visit in early June, but the stinkin' flea was closed due to rain when we arrived at the gate}.  
It was a beautiful day in Alameda with the City as the backdrop.  
Lots of fun stuff to scope out and we all came home with something special and a great price :-)

{here are some red, white and blues that caught my eye}

That night we headed to the local country club after dinner.  
Every year the club sets off fireworks on July 3rd.  I think the event is supposed to be for members only, but they open up the fairway and essentially the whole town shows up.  
People carry in dessert and wine, blankets and low chairs to sit on.

{They even sell glow necklaces!}

Groups of people play frisbee and toss footballs while waiting for the sun to set 
low enough for the show to begin.  We always run into friends and spend time chatting 
while the kids wonder around looking for buddies they haven't seen since school ended.  
It really feels as if you've been transported to another time....
like you've become part of a Norman Rockwell painting.  
To top it all off the fireworks are always great and seem to last forever! 
It's Americana at it's best and one of my favorite ways to celebrate. 
{When we're in town that is!}

{The long walk back to the car after the fireworks}

{Cool old car decorated for the day}

We spent the rest of the weekend eating yummy food, watching baseball, 
going to the movies and playing games in the pool.  
I'm still hearing "Marco?"... "Polo!"

Even though our plans changed {twice} and we weren't on vacation for the holiday, 
we had a fabulous time with good friends.  
Isn't it great when things work out that way?


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