Summer Snaps 4 {3 for me}

I believe I missed last week, which means this is week 3 for me 
whereas it's 4 for everyone else.

It was a great week....It seems like it flew by so quickly.  
I'm sure that's because we filled with lot's of FUN! 
{Or maybe it's because all the weeks blend together in the summer time}

1. I went shopping with a dear friend and we started the day with a Bloody Mary. 
{Clothes look better after a bloody mary}
2. My oldest son is a sandwich arteest.  He made this yummy dagwood.
3. This is how your wine looks right now...
4. A house near ours has about 10 goats and they're too cute for words.
5. I found a new dress to wear to a party this Saturday night.
6. A gorgeous rose I stopped to smell while on a walk with my littlest.  
Believe it or not, it's bright red in real life.
7. We decided to go to the Giants game at 3p on Sunday.  
First pitch was at 5:05.  We're spontaneous!
8. The hubs and a Panda fan-da.
9. Radishes we bought at the farmer's market.  Pretty sure I ate them all...
so yummy with a little lime.
10. Lou Seal stopped by our seats during the game.  He freaked out our little guy.

We've got a few fun things planned for this weekend 
and hopefully I'll remember to take pictures.



  1. Looks like a lot of fun! Cute dress where did you find it?

  2. Hi Kacey! I got the dress at Banana Republic and it was on SALE!

  3. I love all your adventures!! What a sweet life!! And, I agree...next time I am totally starting my clothes shopping with a cocktail!! So fun!! Thanks so much for linking up this week!! xoxo Amber

  4. Lovely week in pics, even the radishes look yummy. Maybe if I try them with a squeeze of lime... Love the bloody mary cloth's shopping trick! And I like your spontaneity, I'm like that.

  5. Woo hoo I learned something from you from now on it will always be cocktail time before shopping instead of after ..lol What a fun week ya'll have had.Happy summer & hugs from Savannah, Cherry