Weekend WhirlWind

We had a jam packed weekend full of friends, laughs and a lotta wine!

Great friends, who live in Southern California, planned a weekend trip to 
San Francisco to celebrate her birthday.  
Because we don't get to see them very often {and we were invited :-)} we decided to join them for dinner on Friday night.  And rather than driving home from the City late, 
the hubs and I took the opportunity to book a room and spend the night!  
{read: Yippee! A night away!!!}

Brief back story -- in middle school I was part of a big clique.  
I know, cliques are B.A.D, but this one wasn't horrible.  
Oddly, the clique has stayed somewhat connected over the years.  
We all sort of knew what was going on in each other's lives because one person would talk to another and share information that would be passed on to yet another member 
of the former group.  Anyway ~ a principle member was married in Mexico last year which brought all of us back together again.  
So, the hubs and I shared a house in Mexico with 2 other former members 
of the clique and their spouses.  Which is when I met Shelly, who married Reed 
{former middle school clique mate}.  
We hit it off!  I absolutely LOVE her.  She is funny and funky, has great style and we share similar interests.  
The weekend trip to San Francisco was for Shelly's birthday.

We went to dinner at Asia SF, which is a restaurant staffed by transgendered servers who perform dance numbers throughout the meal.  
Food is so-so, but the staff is great!  
Very friendly {not like that} and so impressive.  It's really amazing how 
beautiful these ladies are.  
Shelly and I were feeling a bit insecure by the end of the night!!

{Me, Shelly and the hubs.   Not sure why I'm so shiny in this picture, 
hoping it was the flash}

After dinner we went to a few bars where a dance off may have been initiated, 
there might have been some karaoke singing and it's possible we saw a pirate.  
Because there is no photographic evidence it's hard to prove any of it.

The next day we said goodbye to Shelly and Reed, then popped into a dear friends Bridal Salon to say a quick congratulations on her 6th anniversary and race home 
just in time to change and get ready for an engagement party ~ 
which turned into a surprise wedding!

We danced the night away in celebration of this great couple and the commitment they made to each other in our presence.  As we get older, we are invited to fewer weddings....mostly because all our friends are married!  
{I imagine that will change once our kids begin getting married}
It's so nice to attend a wedding, it always reminds me of the vows I made to my hubs, 
and the importance they hold in our life.

Sunday we had a lazy morning and then started working ~ I was busy with office tasks and Jon was running around from house to house readying things for the upcoming week.

It was a Wonderful WhirlWind Weekend!  But it Wore me out!


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