Last year some friends of mine participated in the Nike Women's {half} Marathon.  They asked me to join them, but I politely declined {it went something like "Are you effin' craZy?}.  Then I learned that you receive a silver Tiffany Necklace upon completion of the event ~ and my friends necklace was so cute {they can't be bought...must be earned.  Yada Yada} that I thought I would try and run the race this year.

Here's the deal ~ the Nike Women's {half} Marathon is super duper popular thus, 
difficult to enter.  So there's a random drawing in April and my name wasn't drawn. :-(
{said like Snooki from Jersey Shore.  Not that I watch that trash}  
Two dear friends did get in and have been forcing encouraging me 
to continue to try and somehow get into the race. 
Which leads me to today....

Our local running store has been given a few bibs by Nike 
and they're raffling them off.  
In order to "win" a spot, you have to enter the raffle daily for a week 
and at the end of the week, they'll draw names for each bib they have available to the.  Another drawing!  
The last one wasn't really in my favor and I'm not confident this one will be either.  
So, I went into the store today and completed my raffle form.  
I haven't totally decided if I'm hoping to get in or not.  
October 16th is right around the corner and let's face it, 
I haven't started training which means I have a LOT of work to do.  

Oh, and by the way ~ I'm not a runner.  
The farthest I've run is a 10k and I wanted strangle my "friends" at the end.  
Everything was going fine until I saw mile marker 2 which was especially disappointing because I thought I was nearly finished with the race.  
It wasn't pretty.

I'll keep you posted on my entry status...


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