A Vintage Bench {Partial} Make-Over

I mentioned a few posts ago that I was trying to find the courage to work on a furniture project.  Well ~ I found the motivation today!

The brief back story ~

I decided our guest room need a small bench.  Some place other than the bed for guests to sit and tie their shoes or maybe rest a suitcase and handbag.  The room is teeny tiny.  I have a small chair in the corner now and even though, by typical standards, it's a small chair it still feels too big for the room.  So a little bench would work perfectly.  On the hunt I went...

The first Sunday of every month is an antique flea market in Alameda {in the Bay Area} and the hubs and I love to get up early and stroll through all the stuff.  While we were there in February I found a cute little bench.  The seller said he was having a Super Bowl blow so that he didn't have to pack up anything and could just leave the market quickly and still see the game.  So, for $20 I bought a little bench.  

{Side note -- I know it may not be the lowest price any of you have seen for a bench at a flea but he was asking $45 so I felt good about $20}

Here he it is ~ pre makeover

Pastel tapestry.  It felt a little gramma to me.

But the detail on the legs is pretty ~ not too ornate.

After we brought it home the hubs and I shopped for some fabric and about 2 months later {today} I started the work.

Turns out, it wasn't too difficult.

I just removed a screw from each corner and the top came apart from the base.  Simple!

Then I unstapled the old fabric and threw it away.

I added new batting to fluff it up a bit and make it soft.

Then stapled the new fabric in place and trimmed the excess.

And Voila!  It's was done!

{Chrissy Dog is giving it a full inspection.  She's a helper}

I say this is a {Partial} make-over because I didn't paint the wood.  
Although, that might be in the future for this little baby.

AND ~ After looking at these pictures, I decided I really like the subtlety of the reverse side of the fabric so maybe I'll take it apart and flip the fabric???

I'll post pictures after I place it in the guest room.



  1. I like it! The blue paisley is so cheerful!

  2. This caught my eye at Miss Mustard seeds party. Nice job here you did. Welcome to blogging. Every Monday I host a newbie party and would love for you to come join me sometime. Great way to get your blog out there and meet some new friends that are new as well.

  3. Thank you for the invitation Debbie ~ I'm looking forward to joining your Newbie Party!

  4. I love this! Your fabric choice is perfect!