Gym Surprise

I hurt my back a couple of weeks ago and that means I've been unable to go to the gym.  That's hard isn't it?  You know how you've got gym friends who you only see for one hour during class three times per week?  You start to miss your gym friends when you've been absent.  Anyhoo ~ I was excited to go back to class today and catch up with my old gym cronies. 

So, here's the back story....The gym I belong to is associated with the hospital in town.  It's big, new, clean, lots of equipment, great class schedule, just fabulous.  Buuuut {there's always a but} because our gym is on the same 'campus' as the hospital, which neighbors a bazillion doctor's offices, parking can be a problem.  A BIG problem.  Such a problem that I have turned around and headed home because parking was unavailable {or maybe that was a good excuse to 'skip it'}.

Today when I happily returned to the gym to get back to class and my buddies I was shocked to see a VALET at the entrance to the gym.  It's come to this, my gym now offers complimentary valet service during peak times.  I'm unsure how I feel about this....happy about the convenience? Confused by the paradox of a valet at a gym? Or curious about how much lower my monthly fee would be if the gym wasn't paying for a valet?


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