Every Dog Gone Year!

Every year I do it. 

I don't want to. 

I try to resist, but I end up doing it anyway.
I buy these...

Cadbury Mini Egss.  They're delightful candy coated balls of sin.  It's like an M&M, but bigger, and better chocolate.  

I even love the colors ~ they're subtle and muted.  Cadbury wouldn't use garish colors like those obnoxious M&M's.  
I mean Puh-Leeese.

This year I resisted for a while, then last week I couldn't hold out any more.  
I put one bag in my cart while I was at Target and walked away.  
And then I turned around, headed back to the Easter candy aisle and threw in another bag. 
 I mean one bag wouldn't last very long and I justified the second bag by telling myself I needed it to fill up an apothecary jar.  
It's for decoration!

Uh, well ~ as you can plainly see.  They didn't end up in that jar, rather in an open bowl.  
For easy access.

Then I placed that open bowl on the mantel which I walk by at least 5 million times a day.  You can imagine just how many Mini Cadbury Eggs I've eaten in the last week.  
I'm not proud, just honest.

Now go buy some and see how delish they are!
{Big Fanny misery loves Big Fanny company}


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