Easter Table Stuff

I have been waaaay behind this year.  I haven't even cracked open our Easter decorations boxes, and Easter is less than a week away.  To top it all off, I am hosting Easter dinner at our house.  

I love hosting holiday dinners.  It's not a problem at all ~ my family is all very helpful with getting ready for guests {hubs is always on top of things and a fantastic entertainer.  the kids complain a smidge but ultimately help out} and my extended family is always ready to bring whatever food and beverage items are needed so it's never a burden.  But I really like for things to be festive and right now....they're not!  

I've decided to center the theme around daffodils.  They're plentiful right now, inexpensive, cheerful and BRIGHT.  All things perfect for Easter.  Now I just need to pull the rest of the details together.... I'm hoping I can find something similar to this

And maybe use gray place mats.  Or just a simple white table cloth.  
We may  be eating outside and white can be so bright, maybe I'll find something in a cream tone to ease the reflection a little bit.  

UGH!  See ~ I'm off my game.  
Headed out to shop and find some inspiration...I'll share what I find.


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