I've been MIA for a bit.  My mother broke her ankle and had to have urgent surgery on Saturday.  Then I hurt my back and was laid up all day Sunday {I've never hurt my back before and it was really horrible}, and then I was lucky enough to have dear old friend and dear new friend visit early this week.  I've been a busy bee ~ but not busy blogging :-)

You probably have already heard ~ and even perused ~ TRADHome online magazine.  If not, you're missing out.  It's fabulous!

Online magazines are great for so many reasons.  They don't waste paper, they are usually bigger than printed magazines which means they can delve deeper into a story, and they can feature video.  Oh, and they're FREE!

One of my favorite bloggers is featured in the magazine, Erika with Urban Grace Interiors.  {I found her blog through her twin sister, Darby's blog which you should also check out if you haven't.}  Even though I don't know Erika, I was excited to see a designer I recognized and her work is just stunning.

Give yourself 30 minutes, go to TRADHome and drool over all the beauty.


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  1. I was brousing your blog!! Just found this post today! I also looked at Tradhome online and it was awesome! Take care of your back, don't do too much!!! I hurt my back last year for the first time ever and it was a doozy!! I was out of it for months!! Get some rest!!