It's Fall?

Well it's supposed to be fall, but it feels more like summer around here.  Today's high is 95!  UGH ~ why is it that summer hits us just when I'm ready for cooler weather and warmer food?  Always the way....so I'm trying to enjoy it in my white pants and tank top.  BUT ~ I've already started decorating for fall....I bought a whole mess of pumpkins on Saturday and pulled out everything orange and leafy from the attic. The hubs even helped me collect pinecones for our front porch decor {awwww, he's sweet}. I promise to post pictures as soon as it's all done.  I'm kinda mid stream right now.  

We're on a hunt right now for a {drum roll please}.....

An airstream trailer!  

Something older ~ hopefully either of our birth years.  It doesn't have to be spiffed up and perfect because we think that will be the fun part.  Really we're looking for something that's been well cared for and is the right price.  We'll shine it up and make it our own.  I don't know how much "camping" we'll do.  It might be parked in our back yard as a kitschy guest house....we'll see how things turn out.

And also on my mind right this second is my handbag.  I bought a Gucci purse last year some time.  It was a big deal for me because I love Gucci, but always, always, ALWAYS hesitate based on price.  Last year I did it.  I bought a black Italian leather handbag with gold hardware.  It's a boho style with a rounded square bottom.  

I think it's an older version of this bag, and all black, without the signature stripes.  So not like this at all....

It goes with anything and I just knew it would last a lifetime which was why I bought it.  Well ~ today the hardware on one of the straps broke.  It BORKE!  I called and it seems as if they'll be able to repair it which was a relief, and likely part of the high price.  But I'm still a bit sad.  You know how you get connected to a purse and it's like a friend.  You know where all your do-daws fit and you can reach in blindly to find things?  I guess I'll have to part with my friend for a little bit while she gets repaired.  
Hopefully it won't be too long.

That's all for now.
Happy Fall ~ if it feels like Fall where you are.
If not, Happy Indian Summer!


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