Hello November.  
I realized today that I never posted during the entire month of October.  I guess that means it flew by!  Here is some of what’s been going on with us…

Our oldest son is playing football again this year.  I absolutely LOVE it.  I love the game, love the kids, love the families and camaraderie.  He’s an inside linebacker if that means anything to any of you football fans out there.  He’s tall (6’1”) and thin (150) which makes me a bit nervous, especially when he’s going up against guys who are significantly bigger than he is.  I try not to express my concern in front of him, because he is in heaven playing football.  He never complains about the long practices, playing in the heat or the fact that he has been on the field everyday since June working hard just to play 10 games.  None of that matters to him, because he loves his sport.  As a mom I realize how quickly the time passes and that after the next 2 games, he will officially be ½ way through is high school football career.  
It makes me want to cry.

Our son is #48, he was a captain for the first home game this year.

Also this month we watched our younger son perform with this middle school choir.  He didn’t really want to join choir, but with the major cut backs to public schools there are very few electives for kids.  And choir was really the only choice.  As it turns out, he’s happy with the decision I he made.  He has another performance tonight and I’m looking forward to hearing them sing again.  They aren’t too shabby!

One of my dearest friends asked me to help her by loaning her my face so she could practice an elaborate Halloween makeup she had been planning for her daughter.  I was happy to oblige and the end result was spooky~

Too bad this was more than a week before Halloween and my mother-in-law was at my house when I pulled in the driveway.  I’m just certain she thinks I’ve joined some sort of Satanist cult.

We watched some baseball.  It was good, but not nearly as exciting to me as last year when our San Francisco Giants won.  I’m happy for the Cardinals, I was rooting for them, but they’re just not the 
Orange & Black.

Finally we did a little tricky treaty.  The end of that era may drawing nearer for our family.  Our youngest dressed up as a ghost this year and went out with some friends.  Turns out it was abnormally warm that night in our neck of the woods so the actual costume came off pretty quickly into the trick or treat journey which meant he was just a random kid begging for candy door to door.  Awesome!  I wasn’t with him and learned of this later so I hold no responsibility. 
(I have no pictures of this because my kids are big)

Our older guy was dropped off at his buddy’s house to ‘hang out’ on Halloween.  There was a bit of candy passing out but mostly I think they scurried around the neighborhood on a golf cart trying to pick up chicks.  When we arrived to take him home they had two girls on the back of that golf cart.  Trick? Or treat? I hope neither.

That’s it friends, our month in a nutshell. 

Happy November to you!



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  1. Hi there!!! Not sure if you check comments since you haven't posted in awhile...anywho...I clicked over from Kasey Buick and just about went bananas when I saw your blog header!!! Everything I love rolled into one! Especially the turquoise truck!! Awesome!