Our Guest Room

I re-uphostlered a vintage bench last month and noted that 
it would be taking up residence in our guest room.  
Well, I decided to show you that room.

We live in a California Ranch style house built in 1947.  
When our home was built the developer built several other houses on our street.  
It's not a subdivision, and the homes are not identical, but they have a similar feel.  
The developer built our home as his own.  He chose the largest lot and changed the attached garage into his office.  Then built a detached garage.  
He included a small, teeny tiny, itty bitty, 
bedroom and 1/2 bath next to what would have been the garage
and that is our guest room.

See, tiny {cozy in realtor speak}.
But it works for short stays and who wants a long term guest?

{I know, I need to press the sheets. Add it to the list}

A large number of the walls in our home are tongue and grove redwood paneling.  
We painted most of it.  
I know, I know.  It's wood, and the grain is beautiful, and it would cost a fortune now.
Yada Yada...
I'm certain there are many people who would strangle me, 
but that wood sucked up all the light in the house and it had to be brightened up.  
I left this room wood {for now}

Even though it's not grand, I try to make sure it's as luxurious 
and well appointed as possible.

There's an alarm clock, TV, books on relaxation....

Bottles of water, reading lamps...

A luggage stand, fresh towels and a tray with sundries our guests could have forgotten
{tooth brushes, tooth paste, deodorant, mouthwash, Advil, razors, Chapstick etc}

{my little vintage bench}

Even a place to sit down and tie your shoes.

Just because it's small doesn't mean it can't be comfortable.


PS ~ You'll even find waffle robes and slippers in the closet. 
{they're next to the vacuum cleaner, but they're there!}

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