A Quick Trip to Modesto...

Last weekend we were invited to attend a fundraiser for an elementary school in Modesto.  We are good friends with the couple who invited us and they always attend our kids school fundraiser {and generously donate I might add} so we decided to take them up on the invite. 

I didn't take any pictures of the auction, but after we left the event we found ourselves at a 24 hour donut shop!  When we walked in the owners were making donuts...Fresh!

It smelled so yummy I wanted to eat a whole dozen, but I contained my indulgence to just the one...

Jon had a donut too....

...It made him crazy

Joe and Laura couldn't resist

We don't have them very often which maybe the reason they taste so good.
I know they're unhealthy, but life is short ~ have a treat!


PS ~ the only photos I took of our hosts didn't come out very well so I didn't post them.  
They really were with us ~ Thank you John & Lisa!

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