House of fifty

I'm sure you all have heard that the 2nd issue of the House of Fifty e-zine is live.  
I have just scanned through the first few pages
{do you do that? Scan first and read second when you get a magazine?} 
anyway, I had to take a break to share how fabulous it is. 
You must go here and look at the prettiness



  1. It is awesome and yes I do that same thing!!! I scan and look at everything and then go back and study it :)

  2. Hi Carrie!
    Just popping over from my email to leave you a comment! Thanks so much for leaving such sweet words and fun iPhone apps as a comment on my blog.

    I just spent quite a bit of time looking through your blog. You looked familiar...but a picture of your hubby is what really got me. I thought....we met them at Squeeze Inn and then saw you at Gott's....probably four years ago. I hate to admit it now...but I was the Big Brother Fanatic. I don't have time anymore for live feeds and barely keep up on the show...but thought that might help jog your memory.

    I'm thinking of doing a local blogger/twitter meet up at the Oxbow Market in the next month or so. Would love your thoughts/feedback/help in spreading the word. My email is davenapril@aol.com. Hope to 'chat' soon!